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Consumer data has never been more valuable. This data from the Cannabis Consumers Coalition, used an anonymous survey via internal lists and social media contacts, and also with the help of these organizations, BioTrackTHC, Marijuanomics, Humbolt’s Finest, Salar Media Group, Merry Jane, The Grow Division, The Daily Leaf and Magnetic Magazine, we were able to gather demographic and behavioral data from 537 consumers over two months with 72.85% living in states with a legal Cannabis and 27.15% who live in prohibition states. 

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The Who, What, Where, When & Why  of cannabis 


Identifying Genders of Consumers

Recreational vs. Medical

Cannabis Consumption Methods by the Numbers

Amount Spent Monthly (USD)

Preferred Growing Methods for Cannabis Used 

Milligrams of THC in Edibles at One Time

Average Age of Cannabis Consumers

Not Just a Fling — Duration of Relationship with Cannabis for Users

*Cannabis use is becoming more mainstream. States with a legal Cannabis programs are now the majority, and the majority of [consumers in the US] now support Cannabis legalization. Many people consume Cannabis regularly and demographics show that these people are contributing members of society and are not negligible. With so many benefits, especially with regard for therapeutic use and the overall safety of Cannabis consumption over other substances, Cannabis is an appealing alternative to pills, hard drugs, and alcohol, the latter being the reason that recreational use is passing in multiple states. (Larisa E. Bolivar, M.A.*)