Mennlay is an interdisciplinary cannabis entrepreneur and has been legally working with marijuana since 2005. Through her visibility, advocacy for inclusion, and education efforts, she is helping to navigate an authentic future for women of color in the cannabis industry.

Photo of Mennlay by Klinckwort-Laframboise for Brocooli Magazine

Cannabis is the future.

Mennlay is the author of The Art of Weed Butter and an interdisciplinary cannabis entrepreneur legally working with mariguana since 2005. Through her visibility, and advocacy for social equity and inclusion, she hopes to navigate a future for women of color in the cannabis industry.

As a creative in the field, her clients have included Whoopi Goldberg & Maya Elizabeth's cannabis product line, Whoopi and Maya. Her formal background is in journalism, with over seven years of experience in content creation roles, and cannabis cultivation.

Her career path illustrates a shift happening for many women involved in the industry. As perceptions of the plant and its legality have changed, she has parlayed her deep belief in the healing power of cannabis into a legitimate profession. She currently resides Mexico City as a freelance writer, and creative director at Xula CBD while exploring cannabis and the diasporic connections between Africa and Latin America.

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